Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Your Home
August 7, 2017
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What to Ask a Potential Realtor

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What to Ask a Potential Realtor
By: Ashley Elvington
“Adulting” may not always be fun, but there are some aspects that can be quite enjoyable, such as purchasing your own home. This is a process that doesn’t have to be frustrating, especially if you’ve found the realtor for you. Below are some questions to ask a potential realtor before searching for your dream home:
1. Is this your career, rather than a side project or hobby? How long have you been in this field?
2. How many clients do you typically assist in a year? Can I get references from your previous deals?
3. Have you made any sales in the area I’m interested in living within?
4. Have you ever had any customer complaints?
5. What services do you offer and what is your fee?
6. When am I obligated to work with you and you only? (Will I get to tour homes first before making the decision to work strictly with you?)
7. How many foreclosures do you have experience with?
8. How often will we communicate?
9. How soon can you get me into a home?
10. What makes you different from other realtors in the area?
11. Do you represent the buyers, sellers, or both?
12. What is your knowledge of home loans?
Don’t be afraid to ask any other questions you may have, as it is your right to find the right person to assist you in buying a home. If you’ve found their answers to these questions to be more than satisfactory, congratulations! You’ve just successfully completed the first step towards finding your future home. If not, keep searching – the right realtor for your needs is out there.