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Top 10 Warning Signs of a Bad Realtor

                Unfortunately, it happens – from time to time, someone somewhere in this world will hire a bad realtor. We all can be guilty of poor judgment, especially during stressful times such as buying or selling a home. But with a bad realtor, the stress can become even worse for you and your family. Here are some signs you’ve got an unprofessional on your hands.
1.       Zero communication: Your real estate agent should only be easily contacted, but they should keep you informed at all times of every step involved in the process of buying or selling a home. If you have to essentially chase them down, if your calls and messages aren’t promptly returned, if you’re left guessing for the most part, this isn’t a sign of good things to come.
2.       Lack of respect for your needs: You’ve hired them to help you get what you want, right? If they’re not paying attention to this, they’re not doing their job, and they certainly don’t deserve your time and money.
3.       They’re ill informed of the specifics: A great realtor (when selling) should ask how much you paid for the property, how old it is, what is included in the sale, what you enjoyed most about living there, etc. When buying, a great realtor should pay attention to every detail of your dream home so they know what to look for in a potential dream house for you.
4.       They’re a mess: Literally! If they are never dressed professionally, are always late to appointments or don’t show up at all, it’s time to find another agent.
5.       They bully you: While there’s nothing wrong with making suggestions or encouraging you to consider their professional opinion, you shouldn’t feel backed into a corner to agree with them. Don’t make an offer without weighing all options and don’t accept offers you feel are too low, especially if the agent strongly suggests for you to do one of these.
6.       They’re insecure: One trait you definitely want your agent to have is confidence. A great way to tell how secure an agent feels about their capability to perform the tasks at hand? A set of questions during the hiring interview. This will show you their level of expertise and how strongly they believe they can find the right home for you.
7.       Lack of leadership skills: You certainly don’t want someone who forces their opinions on you, but you also don’t want someone who wants you to make every decision. They’re the professional for a reason; a great agent will have expertise you can trust.
8.       Poor marketing skills: Research your agent online – check out their website and/or social media pages. How do they represent themselves? How do they represent their clients and what they’re selling?  Check out the ratings from customers, read comments and testimonials on experiences. Most importantly, how do they present properties? Do the photos look appealing? Are the descriptions eye-catching?
9.       We’ll say it again, they’re a mess: In addition to missing appointments, being late, and dressing in improper attire, agents who regularly confuse appointments and lose sight of the big picture (aka major details) are nothing but a headache to deal with in the end.
10.   They fail to be “in the know”: You want your agent to have information about the property that all others in the general public don’t possess. They use every source available rather than just solely rely upon the MLS listing, open houses, for sale signs, websites, ads, etc.