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September 5, 2017
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Dos and Don’ts of Decorating Your Home for Fall

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                With the new season fall upon us, many take this time to revamp their homes. With the holiday season within reach, family and guests will be arriving and what better way to welcome them than by showing them your beautiful new space? Here are some dos and don’ts for “making over” your home this fall season.
1.       Opt for all white. Colors are making a vivid return this season!
2.       Choose marble…everywhere. Mix and match by adding wood, clay, and metal pieces.
3.       Keep copper accessories. Brass is growing in popularity in households everywhere, making your home look fresh and modern.
4.       Purchase generic furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and styles to create unique looks.
5.       Stick with boring bedding. As mentioned in #1, long gone are the days of all white everything. Throw in different colors and materials.
1.       Consider adding dark green to a room. This color pairs beautifully with natural wood, leather, brass and cream.
2.       Create distraction-free spaces. We live in a world ruled by technology, so unwind this holiday season by creating quiet spaces for “me time,” free of the distraction of phones, computers, TVs, etc. Perhaps you want to make the bedroom cozier by adding a canopy over your bed or you want a quiet place to read, so you add a new chair to a comfy corner of a room. Take the time to unplug and relax, you’ll need it during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
3.       Include velvet in more than just your closet. Velvet is making a return this season in the fashion industry, but it’s also making its mark in the interior design world as well. Velvet pairs well with reclaimed wood and smooth metals and ceramics. Its soft material is cozy, guaranteed to make you feel comfy and warm during the colder season.
4.       Choose woven textured pieces for décor. Whether baskets or plant stands, this brings a subtle flair to the room, especially when paired with velvet, wool throws, smooth metal, mirrors, and ceramics.
5.       Pops of pink. Particularly rose or blush, as items in these soft pink shades easily add bursts of color and beauty to a room.
6.       Consider faux finishes. This not only saves you money, but it also looks just as nice as the real deal. Removable wallpaper, floor decals, stick-on tiles, faux flowers/plants…all have the ability to change a room without having to make drastic, permanent changes.
7.       Switch to brass. This complements a wide variety of home décor pieces, especially when it’s made into furniture. There’s just something classic and timeless about brass!
8.       Nix the duvets and comforters. Make the change to quilts, as they bring a homey, personal element to a room.
9.       If you’re looking to re-paint a room, try considering darker colors. Along with dark green, other popular colors this season are chocolate brown and black. You don’t have to go to the extremes, however. Simply adding in colored throws, curtains, rugs, or pillows will do.
10.   Add statement pieces to the bedroom. Switch out the boring sheets, pillow cases, and comforters that lack pattern and color.
11.   If you want to add new tile, consider terra cotta. This type brings warmth to your home like you would find in a beloved farmhouse.
12.   Try a statement ceiling. Not looking to change up the walls? What about the ceiling? Textured wallpaper, tin/embosses foam ceiling tile, shiplap, wooden beams, dark colors – all are options of changing what’s up above.
13.   If you want to include just a single statement piece in a room, try one with bone inlay. This adds beauty without overpowering the entire room.
14.   For the bathroom and kitchen, try matte black appliances. They’re sleek and stylish, and give the room a more modern feel.
15.   Welcome the season outdoors. Consider a fire pit or outdoor heater system, change the colors of your outdoor furniture cushions/pillows, and decorate with wreaths, garland, and lights.